Friday, May 3, 2013

Mother's day!

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the lack of update :|
My life have been very crazy with work.
Here's a Mother Day's card I did last year for Up With Paper and its finally available in store :)
You can find it in Barnes & Noble and Maido Stationery store.
I even saw the card in Macao and HK! ( i am so exciting!)
and yes! I am going to give this card to my mom next week :)

And here's a spot illustration I did for Family Fun Magazine. It's on the Feb issue :)
Thanks for the A.Ds on both of these!


miniPau said...

The spot illustration is so great!!!! Cool you have a lot of work as an illustrator! Congrats!

Hannah Tuohy said...

So cute! That trophy is adorable!

Kiersten Eagan said...

That's the card I bought my Mom for mothers day!!! It was front row center on display up here in Canada :)
Pleasant surprise to find out it was yours after the fact! Great work.

Mushk Rizvi said...

looooooooooooove these! so adorbszz!!