Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I was doodling in photoshop and ended up having the piece below. It wasnt my intention to do something "Mary Blair"...but it ended up looking so Mary-Blair-influence. As an artist,  I dont think it is a good thing....don't get me wrong, i love mary blair to death. But I want my own style to come up first. Its funny how it ends up look like this when i was thinking "retro color" while painting it... i still have a long way to go :P need to practice more!

Thanks for stopping by.


BETOWERS said...

Is so good!! very Mary Blair but also have your personality Neiko!

hehe I love her arms and dress <3

jLou said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with being influenced by any artists, we can't help liking their styles so much. In your case, I can already see you combining inspirations into your own, and I know that's not very easy to do ;)

Very cute painting btw :3

genie espinosa said...

SO LOVELY!!!! I just adore it!!!

Anonymous said...

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