Thursday, August 30, 2012


I cannot believe I didnt post this on my blog!
I was honored to be ask to create one piece for The Book Show in Paris.
I am so grateful to have an opportunity like this! A million thanks to Seb!
You can see all the amazing artwork from the show here.

My Piece / Gouache and Papercut on board


miniPau said...

Yey! CONGRATS! You deserve to be in shows all around the world, you work so hard! KEEP IT UP, I'VE ALWAYS LOOK AFTER YOU!

BETOWERS said...

Congrats Neiko! looks beautiful, you have special sensibility <3

michael robertson said...

Hi Neiko-Congratulations! What a great piece. Every time I look at your artwork, I smile. Hope you are doing well!

jLou said...

congrats neiko! it's super cute and unique as always :3

Tim said...

way to go N G!