Monday, February 27, 2012

History of Fashion

I am taking a fashion history class, the teacher wants us to do master copies of different era of fashion clothing. I did 8 so far and this one is my fav. outfit. SO pretty!

Portrait of Elizabeth I / 16 century

this is the original painting

Oh btw, I made a new blog < - click  )  where I  do  fashion illustration every day, the purpose of it is to keep me busy and explore different art styles :)
Follow me and you can request what outfit you want me to paint :)


BETOWERS said...

Neiko your art is fantastic!!
I love the simple shapes and your palette always :)

Kelley said...

This seems like a really fun homework assignment. I'm off to check out your new blog!

Kelley said...

By the way, you should check out this blog:
She does really cute fashion illustrations, kind of like yours!

Emerson Tung said...

beautiful, Neiko. Can't wait to see more!

Nesmist said...