Saturday, December 4, 2010

Merry Christmas

I love December, I like Christmas.
I spend 1.5 days to finish this, making this piece is SO much fun!

and yea... i am in love with bear.... <3


Ricky Cometa said...

OMG! THIS IS SOOO AMAZING! watch out brittney lee! how long did this take you?

miniPau said...

This is GORGEOUS!!!!

You're amazing!!!! I really love it! The bear is beautiful! I WANT ONE BEAR!!!!

StandardDess said...

SO COOL NEIKO!!!, love the dimensional perspective ! FLUFFY!

Thitaya (Tee) Pahsukkul said...

Lovely collage ❤ ❤
Merry X mas Neigo

KI-KE said...

Absolutely beautiful. This one is a home run in my book. Keep up the good work Miss Neiko.

Jia Ling said...

God that is gorgeous. GIrl if you ever sold this I'd buy it from you. You're getting so so good at this. You should really consider opening a booth at a craft fair for this sort of thing <3

neiko said...

Thank you everyone! I am glad that you all like it :)

> Ricky, I spend around 12-15 hrs on it :P and no way, haha Brittney L is always the best!!! but thank you anyways i am happy you like it!

> Kike: sure, i would love to~

>Jia Ling~~~thanks <3

Miss Monday said...

Oh, that is the most beautiful bear. Just look at his expression! And the marvelous colors!

If you ever want to sell him (or maybe his bear brother who looks just like him) I have the most perfect spot for him. = )

You are so talented. Thank you for sharing him.